Online Art Courses with Professor Gan Yu

Gan Yu is a New York based artist working/living in the city area. Gan completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University and he is currently the Professor of Art at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. Gan also teaches art classes and workshops in various schools and institutions worldwide.

Oriental brush art has been practiced for several thousand years and the styles have changed significantly over time, forming rich and varied traditions. From cave painting to modern ink-art, everything brushed by the artist's hand becomes one of the mirrors of the artist's soul - Gan Yu

5-week Online Course / Online Zoom Class each Wednesday
Oct 14 to Nov 11, 2020 / 12:30-2:30 pm Eastern Time
$125/IAC Member / $150/Non-member
Minimum 8 people / Maximum 12-15 people

Chinese Calligraphy, one of the most ancient and condensed of abstract art, is considered to have the beauty of image in painting, the beauty of dynamism in dance, the beauty of rhythm in music and an echo of the forms of nature. Chinese Calligraphy is not only a practical technique for writing, but also a uniquely artful visual expression of communication. In this course Gan Yu will teach students how to perform Chinese calligraphy in major styles and use them to create their own pieces of visual art.