School of Cultural Arts


Students may register online using the link below, or in person at the IAC Gallery at Westfield South Shore Mall, 1701 Sunrise Highway, Bay Shore, NY 11706. Students may also call 631-888-3525.

Arts Council Members receive a 10% Membership Discount on all Classes and Workshops

• FINE ARTS CLASSES inlcude six weekly sessions / Class Fee $200
• OTHER CLASSES vary in length and fee amount
• WORKSHOPS vary in length and fee amount
• ONLINE MASTER CLASSES consist of four video sessions and can be taken at will / Class Fee $80


Pastels/Colored Pencil

Fridays With Marlene Bezich / 10am-12pm
  • This class allows both Pastel & Colored Pencil Artists to study their medium of choice! Individual attention goes to both mediums through separate demonstrations/lectures. All levels of expertise are welcomed.
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    Session 6: Sept 8, 15, 22, 29, Oct 6, 13

    Session 7: Oct 27, Nov 3, 10, 17, 24, Dec 1

Oil and/or Acrylics

Wednesdays With Randy Weisbin / 10:30am-12:30pm OR 1-3pm
  • Students work in oils and/or acrylics on subjects of their choice. Individualized instruction for the beginner or advanced student. Drawing, tonal value, color theory, composition, and other basic techniques are addressed as needed.
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    Session 7A: Sept 20, 27. Oct 4, 11, 18, 25

    Session 8A: Nov 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Dec 6

    Session 7B: Sept 20, 27. Oct 4, 11, 18, 25

    Session 8B: Nov 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Dec 6

Upcycling Art for Kids

Four Saturdays / 2pm
Fee: $100
  • Create art out of anything! Students will create mixed media art that is both sustainable and beautiful using recycled and upcycled materials. We will discuss how to create art that helps the Earth by being mindful in what we use to create our artwork. We will create a carnival mask, landscape collage, and our final project will be a unique design your child will build and paint. Bring any old magazines, newspapers, old fabric, buttons, etc.


Watercolor for All

Mondays With Jody Banaszak / 1-3pm OR 6-8pm
  • Students will learn the basics and advanced techniques of watercolor painting. Step-by-step demonstration will be given with personal instruction.
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    Session 5A: Sept 11, 18, 25, Oct 2, 16, 23

    Session 6A: Nov 6, 13, 20, 27, Dec 4, 11

    Session 5B: Sept 11, 18, 25, Oct 2, 16, 23

    Session 6B: Nov 6, 13, 20, 27, Dec 4, 11

Mixed Media Art for Kids

With Meagan Meehan
FOUR SATURDAYS / 2:30-3:30pm

Fee: $100
  • Each hour long class will invite students to create a fun mixed media masterpiece inspired by a famous artist. Supplies included.


Manga Drawing for Teens 12+

Four Mondays / 5-6:30pm
  • Learn to draw your own manga character. Teens 12+


Cartooning for Kids Workshop

With Johnny Barlanti
Ages 6+

Fee: $100
  • Join Johnny as he takes students back to basics with creativity & a pencil! Using light guidelines to design cartoon faces with different expressions drawing eyes, eyebrows, noses & mouths. Drawing very simple shapes students will learn to draw cartoon body dynamics. Students will create their own story. Johnny will guide students to draw their comic strip placing their character into 2-4 panels. Students will use speech bubbles, captions, & backgrounds to enhance the comic strip. Students will be able to ink their story with a black marker. Coloring their story will be encouraged!

  • Session 2: Sept 23, 30, Oct 7, 14 (4 week class)

Drawing & Sketching

Fridays With Marlene Bezich / 1-3pm
  • This time honored medium is essential to any artist’s education. Class will cover the many types of papers and techniques surrounding Charcoal and Pencil rendering. Still Life subjects will be available and if possible a portrait sitting. The art of the “Quick Sketch” will be explored as well as many other drawing exercises. Students will leave the class with a better understanding and appreciation for creating in black and white.
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    Session 6: Sept 8, 15, 22, 29, Oct 6, 13

    Session 7: Oct 27, Novr 3, 10, 17, 24, Dec 1

Stained Glass

With Susan Rus
  • Students will learn the basics of the copper-foil method of stained glass making. Subjects covered will include making a pattern, cutting the glass, copper foiling, soldering, and adding the finishing touches to hang your piece. Students should bring scrap clear glass to practice glass cutting. The glass specific to you project can be brought to the second class. Instructor will supply some beginner pattern choices.
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    Thursdays / 1-3pm
    Session 4: Sept 7, 14, 21, Oct 12, 19, 26



  • Artists are invited to utilize the classroom space at the Gallery for their own projects.

Introduction to Crochet

With Laura Beckham

Oct 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov 2, 9
5 - 7pm

In this 6 week class, students new to crochet will learn how to use varied crochet needles with different types of yarn.

Introduction to Knitting

With Laura Beckham

Oct 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Nov 7
5 - 7pm

The Basics of Sewing

With Susan Rus

Sept 7, 14, 21, Oct 12, 19, 26
11am - 1pm
  • In this 6 week class, students new to sewing will learn how to use a sewing machine, read patterns, cut fabric and learn how to sew simple designs. Students must bring their own sewing machine, thread, fabric shears, and any specific fabrics they wish to use. Other fabrics and pins will be supplied.


Paint Like a Master: Paint and Sip Series - Claude Monet

Sept 23 / 5-7:30pm / 21+

Fee: $40
  • In this workshop you will create reproductions of paintings by famous artists. You’ll learn to see, paint, mix colors, and leave with a little more knowledge about art history, all while relaxing and enjoying snacks & wine!

    This month, we look at artist Claude Monet's "Meules," and learn about his painting techniques. Students will recreate this piece on an 8x10 canvas. Supplies included. Must be 21+. All food, beverage, and painting supplies are included.

    Oct 21 / Edvard Munch / "The Scream"
    Nov 18 / Vincent Van Gogh / "Cypress"
    Dec 16 / Vincent Van Gogh / "Starry Night"

Open Figure Drawing

Sept 29 / 6-8pm

Fee: $25
  • In this 2 hour, uninstructed class students can draw or paint the human figure in any medium of their choice. A variation of short and long poses will be provided. Students must bring their own materials. For students 18+, or 16+ with adult consent.

Gentle Yoga Workshops

With Deb Jeanette
Sept 25, 10-11am / Oct 16, 10-11am

Fee: $25 each class
  • Want to manage stress, make better lifestyle choices to develop clarity and self- awareness? Each week we will explore the unique qualities of the elements as yoga therapist Deb Jeannette guides you with yoga practices geared to discover our relationship to each of the Five Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit! We will explore methods of nurturing the senses and establishing a sustainable practice that nourishes all of you. Though our senses are very powerful, it can be easy to take our relationship to them for granted. Yet active management of the senses and sensory impressions can provide fertile soil for a more peaceful mind and a more fruitful practice. Students must bring their own mats. Blocks and straps will be provided.

Acrylic Pouring Workshop

With Bryan Patrick
Oct 28 / 2-4pm

Fee: $30
  • Students will learn basic techniques of paint pouring, from how to mix the paints to get desired effects, to the different methods of pouring.

Plein Air Painting

at Bayard Cutting Arboretum
Sunday, Oct 1 / 10am - 12pm

Fee: $25


Fee for a Master Class is $80. After registration, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a link to attend your purchased master class. Any questions please contact the Islip Arts Council at

The Ancient Art of Chinese Calligraphy

With Winnie Tsai
  • Learn the beautiful and ancient art of Chinese calligraphy

    Class 1: The History of Chinese Calligraphy and Simple Characters
    Understand the tools (brush, ink paper)
    Learn to recognize & read simple characters
    Practice strokes

    Class 2: The Eight Strokes of the Yong
    Understand the importance of the YONG
    Practice writing the YONG.
    Learn to recognize & read more complex characters
    Exercises to develop brush control and build fluidity - Straight strokes

    Class 3: Writing Phrases
    Learn to recognize & read advanced characters
    Learn to fold a rice paper sheet to achieve artistic balance
    Learn to Write phrases

    Class 4: Painting (Writing) Bamboo
    How to properly load your brush with ink
    Learn to paint bamboo using calligraphic techniques
    Signing your work

Art to Graffiti Poetry

with Isabella Calisi-Wagner
  • Write your own work of art.

    Class 1: Graffiti Poetry in Black and White
    Intro to the “Color Meditations”
    Exploring the freewriting process
    Selecting words from your “Freewrite”
    Drafting your Graffiti Poetry Artwork using a #2 Pencil

    Class 2: The Color of Graffiti Poetry using Color Pencils
    Practice the "Color Meditations” Freewriting process
    Selecting the most colorful ideas from your “Freewrite”
    Drafting your Graffiti Poetry Artwork using Color Pencils

    Class 3: Blending the Colors of Graffiti Poetry with Pastels
    Refining the editing process of your “Freewrite”
    More considerations and editing and drafting your Graffiti Poetry Artwork
    Considerations for Combining writing and color to the Graffiti Poetry

    Class 4: The Dynamic Colors of Graffiti Poetry using Spray Spritzers
    How to create a Spray Spritzer using acrylic paint and water
    Considerations for combining writing and spraying color to your Graffiti Poetry Artwork

Upcycling: Turn Junk Mail Into Jewelry

with Melissa Ramos
  • Your mailbox is a mine that is full of fabulous gems. Learn how to make jewelry out of restaurant menus, travel brochures, coupons and magazines.

    Class 1: Rolling Out The Gems - Necklaces
    Learn how to create the basic building blocks of necklaces, belts and bracelets using Crazy Glue, a chopstick and junk mail.

    Class 2: Jewelry with a Twist - Earrings
    Design unique earrings using the fashion ads.

    Class 3: Coasters and More
    Create colorful coasters for your coffee table using old restaurant menus and magazine pages.

    Class 4: An Ear For Style - Headpieces
    Turn those heavy, glossy real estate post cards or political mailings into perfectly pretty head wear.


with Ward Hooper
  • Bring your watercolors to a new level as Ward takes you step by step from a gray value sketch to a finished painting.

    Lesson 1: A Boathouse
    Learn how to use large shapes, saved whites, and work with large brushes for a fresh, colorful, dynamic result.

    Lesson 2: Still Life - Floral
    Learn how to apply one stroke leaves and paint bright tulips, yellow daisies, and a variety of floral shapes in a glass container with contrasting greens.

    Lesson 3: Landscape with Water - A bridge with millhouse and pond reflections
    This dynamic composition of a bridge across a large pond is an opportunity to include all the landscape elements of sky, trees, bridge, and reflections in water.

    Lesson 4: Landscape and Perspective – A barn on back country road with distant hills in background
    Apply contrasting colors while utilizing perspective in a landscape.

Color - The Language of Artists

with Marlene Bezich
  • Lesson 1: The Basics
    Instructor Introduction; Materials Review; The Color Wheel; Color “Language” of the Masters

    Lesson 2: Color in the Landscape
    Creating a Value Sketch Examining Lights Effect on Color; Atmospheric Color Perspective; Guiding the Eye Using Color Learn to Render Using Photographs

    Lesson 3: Our Furry & Feathered Friends
    I Do Not “See” that Color; Dynamic Lighting and Color Manipulation; Working from Photographs; Composing a Successful Portrait

    Lesson 4: The Human Head
    Skin Tone Colors; The Importance of Value and Lighting; Constructing a Dynamic Rendition “Pushing” Values Using Color Identifying Color Values from Photographs; Render a Self Portrait by looking in a mirror or from a Photograph

Getting Started at the Piano with Elinor Zayas

with Elinor Zayas
  • In this 4-week master class for beginners and returning students music educator Elinor Zayas will teach piano-playing techniques and basic music theory.

    Lesson 1: History of the Piano/Proper posture/Hand Positions
    The Musical Alphabet; Black Key Groups; Five-finger position on “C”, both hands; Note movement: Up/Down; Common note values, rests; Simple melodies in 5-finger C position- C-D-E Songs; C Major scale, Right hand/Left hand

    Lesson 2: Basics of Notation
    Treble Clef-Introduction to the Staff; Stepwise vs. Skipping movements of notes; ; Reading/playing melodies in C major; Five-finger position on “G”; Simple melodies in 5-finger G position; G Major scale, Right hand/Left hand; Learn a song

    Lesson 3: Bass Clef Notation/ Chords/Meter
    Becoming familiar with the bass notation; Constructing chords; Explanation of common meters: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4 time, and rests; Unison exercises to develop facility in both hands; Creating an accompaniment to a melody- chordal, solid/broken; Learn another song based

    Lesson 4: Putting It All Together
    Ode to Joy - learning the Treble Clef melody, with fingerings; Ode to Joy- learning the Bass Clef chords, with fingerings. Playing with both hands!

Drawing: “The Beginning”

With Marlene Bezich
  • Part 1: “The Building Blocks” (materials overview, Examining the Egg, Simple Still Life, value identification)

    Part 2: “Behold the Landscape” (maintaining a Sketchbook, “Quick Sketch”, Utilize Thumbnails, Design and Compositional Elements)

    Part 3: “Our Furry & Feathered Friends” (Utilize Basic Shapes, Working from Photographs, composing a Successful Portrait, Homework- Render a Sketch of any Animal or Bird from a Photograph or from Life)

    Part 4: “The Human Head” (Basic Plumb lines and Guides, The Importance of Value, Constructing a Dynamic Rendition)

Spanish Guitar

with Professor Gerry Saulter
  • This 4 segment video instructional program will guide you through the world of the Spanish guitar. With registration students will receive a link for a FREE bilingual pdf Manual de Guitarra method book provided by Alhambra Guitars of Spain. In just a few fun, spirited lessons this engaging and interactive course will take you from being a novice to playing in the Spanish guitar style.

Origami: The Art of the Fold

with Shrikant Iyer
  • Part 1. Introduction to Origami: Learn about this ancient Japanese art form; about how to select the paper and prepare for projects. You will make a simple practical pocket for all uses which needs no special paper or prior knowledge.

    Part 2. Covering the Base-Ics: You will learn how the beginning folds form the basis and how they can be used in a variety of different projects. Additionally, you will learn basic terminology and, make some fun origami models which can be used at your next party or just to decorate your home or office.

    Part 3. Money Money Money! Folding $ bills is great fun. People love seeing and receiving folded currency as gifts. We will make some neat, fun $ folds which are guaranteed to impress and spread the “wealth”.

    Part 4. The Crane Belt: This lesson is a review of basic folding and you will learn how to make the Origami crane: the definitive symbol of origami.