FEB 2023 / Featured Artist: Yvonne Lamar-Rogers

FEB 2023 / Featured Artist: Yvonne Lamar-Rogers

Yvonne Lamar-Rogers artists' statement:

"My love for making things was first influenced by the colorful, textural array of fabrics, delicate  tissue paper patterns, buttons and threads used by my mother who was an exceptional  seamstress. Cutting and sewing doll cloths made from scraps of fabric given to me by my mom eventually led me to my own art form, mixed media collage and assemblage. Mixed  media has proven to be the ideal vehicle to express the vivid, textural stories I want to tell. 

I may use wet and, or dry media along with torn pieces of paper, scraps of fabric, photography  and printmaking as well as clay. There is absolutely no limit to the materials or techniques I’ll experiment with. My visual stories may take the form of mixed media collage, and assemblage, sculptural artists books, weavings, decorative boxes, or painted furniture. I find mixed media to be exciting, challenging, and always a journey of exploration and discovery."


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