MAY 2023 / Cut & Paste - A Celebration of World Collage Day

MAY 2023 / Cut & Paste - A Celebration of World Collage Day

Exhibition: May 9 - 31, 2023
Location: Islip Arts Council Gallery
Opening Reception: On World Collage Day, May 13, 2023 / 5-7pm
: All
Curator: IAC Curatorial Team

World Collage Day is an annual international celebration of collage on the second saturday in May. Initiated by Kolaj Magazine in 2018, they invite artists and art venues to hold events on that day to celebrate collage. World Collage Day is about artists connecting across borders against a global context of entrenchment and separation.

Ric Kasini Kadour, the editor of Kolaj Magazine, writes, “We created World Collage Day because we wanted to honor this community of artists and to remind the world what a spirit of cooperation, mutual support, and creativity can look like.”

Collage gives artists a chance to create unimaginable scenarios with boundless imagery. From beginners to professional artists working in the field, we invited all to dive into this art form and celebrate World Collage Day through this exhibit.

Visitors can cut and paste their own collage piece on our blank paper canvas wall and be part of our gallery mural. Watch as we build a large collage piece created by visitors from all over.

Exhibiting Artists:
Sheri Berman
Erin Bonner
January C.
Carmen Chiorean
Dorian Collymore
Kathy Cunningham
Lorraine Fehr
Rico Ford
Bobby Goff
Casey Greene
Larissa "Sunny" Judd
Storm Keeler
Julianna Kirk
Richard Kramer
Katrina Kuan
Aleta Levine
Meagan Meehan
Rosemary Ortiz
Mariana Ospina
Gabrielle Ricciuti-Gomes
Bruce Rosen
Carol Salerno
Jamie Sandler
Veronica Schliemann
Harlene Schwartz
Zannat Sultana
Betty Lynn Tims
Ed Vega
Cydney Wilson



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