Getting Started at the Piano with Elinor Zayas

Getting Started at the Piano with Elinor Zayas

In this 4-week master class for beginners and returning students music educator Elinor Zayas will teach piano-playing techniques and basic music theory.

Lesson 1: History of the Piano/Proper posture/Hand Positions
The Musical Alphabet; Black Key Groups; Five-finger position on “C”, both hands; Note movement: Up/Down; Common note values, rests; Simple melodies in 5-finger C position- C-D-E Songs; C Major scale, Right hand/Left hand

Lesson 2: Basics of Notation
Treble Clef-Introduction to the Staff; Stepwise vs. Skipping movements of notes; ; Reading/playing melodies in C major; Five-finger position on “G”; Simple melodies in 5-finger G position; G Major scale, Right hand/Left hand; Learn a song

Lesson 3: Bass Clef Notation/ Chords/Meter
Becoming familiar with the bass notation; Constructing chords; Explanation of common meters: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4 time, and rests; Unison exercises to develop facility in both hands; Creating an accompaniment to a melody- chordal, solid/broken; Learn another song based

Lesson 4: Putting It All Together
Ode to Joy - learning the Treble Clef melody, with fingerings; Ode to Joy- learning the Bass Clef chords, with fingerings. Playing with both hands!



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