Artist Profile: Belinda Rubino | Crafter, Sewist, and Photographer

Artist Profile: Belinda Rubino | Crafter, Sewist, and Photographer

Early on, I was a crafter, sewist, and photographer. My appreciation of the arts includes all forms of creative expression, particularly the performing arts: cinema, theatre, dance, and music, visual arts, video, photography, drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture, ceramics, and, literature.

In 2018, I visited the Islip Art Museum and met Lynda Moran, Executive Director of the Islip Arts Council. As a result, I have been fortunate to participate in art exhibitions, and joined as a member of the Advisory Council. I became a gallery attendant, photographed events, taught workshops, and created and executed highly-impact weekly marketing communications to promote the organization.

My lifelong passion in the arts has brought me to a new venture, Belinda Rubino Artwear, where I make one-of-a-kind, upcycled, embellished, steampunk, bohemian, and vintage wearable art designed for women of style.



Founded in 1974, the Islip Arts Council is dedicated to leadership, advocacy, and excellence in the arts. Our goal is to present, produce, and promote culturally responsive, high quality programs in varied artistic disciplines for our diverse Long Island community.


Offices & Gallery
South Shore Mall
1701 Sunrise Highway, N1
Bay Shore, NY 11706
(Next to Dick's Sporting Goods)
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am–4pm
Closed Sunday and Monday