Sage Gallon, Artist

Artist Profile: Sage Gallon | Multi Media

 My name is Sage, and no, that's not the name my mother gave me. She has a better sense of humor than I. Sage is the name I acquired during prayer and has since stuck. I paint water colors and acrylics, and I am a photographer.

I was born in New York, on Long Island. I spent my formative years living in a commune in Northern California. In '79 we moved to Harlem, USA, where Mom put me in a Catholic school. That didn't turn out well. We then moved to Hempstead, LI, in the spring of '79 where I grew up.

I guess I have always been an artist. I drew before I could write, acted before I could spell - although spelling is still a challenge. I self-published a book of poetry, Naked Under My Clothes, and sold over 2,000 copies independently. We recorded the CD (Naked Under My Clothes) in 2014 and we are developing the One Man Stage Performance due to premiere this year.

Everyone has challenges and dark times. I am no different. I spent 10 years living on the streets, park benches, subway and train stations of NY, DC and LA. I was battling an addiction much stronger than me, doing unspeakable things to feed it, but I never begged and I never robbed anyone. That experience has taught me love (for those who save AND those who suffer), strength, how to see beauty in the ugly crevices, and empathy - tools that are vital to my approach to photography and to how I live and give of my life.

I started shooting because I inherited a very expensive camera in 2012 that I didn't know how to turn on. I fell in love with this art form instantly. I have not attended any prestigious film schools or expensive classes. I'm a "hit that button and see what happens" kinda guy. Besides, I'm an artist and the prospect of student loans

December of 2013 I picked up my paint brushes again and went to work.



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