Titus Thomas, Illustrator

Artist Profile: Titus Thomas | Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Cartoonist

Titus V. Thomas is a Graphic Designer/ Illustrator and Cartoonist from the Bronx, NYC. He was trained at the HS of Art and Design in NYC and then at North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. Titus holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communications.

Titus has designed for critically acclaimed shows such as The Little Bill Show, Dora the Explorer & Backyardigans on Nick Jr. He has also served as an graphic designer and illustrator for various companies and city agencies such as The New York City Police Department, Press Office for The City of Newark, The Creative Kitchen, Sesame Workshop, Hollakids, Varcity Clothing, NBA Entertainment, Atlantic Studios. Thomas served as Creative Projects Director at American Christmas, Inc., a company that specializes in the holiday decor installation for various clients like Radio City Music Hall, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Madewell, and JCrew.

One of the major highlights of his career occured when Titus was asked to illustrate, design and layout the NAPPA award winning children's book entitled Everybody Eats Lunch, written and created by The Creative Kitchen CEO and award-winning author, Cricket Azima.

In 2012, writer/director/executive producer, Byron C. Hunter and producer Edward J. Harris II brought Titus on as Creative Director for the documentary UNIVERSAL BABE, narrated by Mykelti Williamson (Forest Gump), that reveals a new vision of the legendary baseball icon, Babe Ruth.

Titus has designed for books such as Stick and Move written by U. Knuckles and 3D art by Andre Jones, Where Does the Iguana Sleep written by Bill and Shannon Moylan, Bronx Children's Museum's The Lowdown on the HighBridge, written by actress Sonia Manzano (Maria on Sesame Street) with illustrations by Noelle Gibbons, and the superhero based graphic novel DMC created by Run DMC's Darryl McDaniels.

In 2022, he designed Dr. Donyall Dickey's Educational Epiphany Decoadable Book series (Pre-K through grade 2), creatively designed books that specialize in supporting schools throughout the world in becoming high-performing exemplars, boasting double-digit gains in reading and mathematics for all student groups and ability levels (www.educationalephiphany.com).

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