Oils & Acrylics With Jess Mennella

Oils & Acrylics With Jess Mennella

Students work in oils and/or acrylics on subjects of their choice. Individualized instruction for the beginner or advanced student. Drawing, tonal value, color theory, composition, and other basic techniques are addressed as needed. 


Reference photo or object
Soft or extra-soft vine charcoal, several sticks (not com-pressed)
Soft cotton rags or paper towels
Any size canvas: stretched canvas, canvas board, wood, heavy paper, or smooth card-board
Palette: disposable paper pad, plastic, plexiglass or safety glass. 11”x14” or larger.
Cans (for water/ brushes
Brushes for oils/acrylics: bristlefor oils, synthetic for oils & acrylics – flats and/or filberts in Sizes #4, #6, #8 to start
Acrylic or Oil Paints: Titanium white (this should be your largest tube), Cadmium yellow light, Yellow ochre or yellow oxide, Cadmium red light, Burnt sienna, Alizarin crimson, Ultramarine blue, Thalo or pthal cyanine blue or cerulean blue, Burnt umber
*Optional: Pencil/kneaded eraser,small sketch pad or scrap paper for quick studies, palette knife, easel (floor or table model. Working flat on a table is not ideal but can be done.)



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