Watercolor for All with Jody Banaszak

Watercolor for All with Jody Banaszak

Students will learn the basics and advanced techniques of watercolor painting. Step-by-step demonstration will be given as well as personal instruction.


140 cold press watercolor pad
Watercolor paints: ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, crimson red, payne’s grey, hookers green, burnt umber, burnt sienna
Kneaded eraser
#2 pencil
Bin for water, (Chinese take-out container works well)
Brushes: 1” Flat watercolor brush, 2 round watercolor brushes, (one medium and one small.)
(Instructor will supply the watercolor palette if you need it for $12.00. Palette consists of 40 spots for paint, mixing area and top.)




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