JUNE 2023 / Reflections - NYC HS of Art & Design Alumni Exhibition

JUNE 2023 / Reflections - NYC HS of Art & Design Alumni Exhibition

Exhibition: June 20 - July 14, 2023
Location: Islip Arts Council Gallery
Opening Reception: June 24, 2023 / 6pm
: All
Curator: IAC Curatorial Team

What happens when talented teenagers are fully immersed in an art education? They become professionals that are shaping America's creative landscape. The HS of Art & Design Alumni Show features the works of artists whose work has been in major museums, books, comic books, Hollywood blockbusters, ad campaigns and in some of the most iconic shows in television history. Join us at the opening reception on June 24th at 6pm, and meet the artists whose childhood dreams of living a creative life have come true.

Rosemary Apun
Johnny Barlanti
Waldo Cabrera
Leo Cabrera
Pavan Carter
Isaac Castaneda
Belle Cheverino
Ingrid Duffer
Flint Gennari
Randy Globus
Timothy John-Luke Smith
Minjin Kung
Jeannette Kurie
Nelson E Martinez
Suzana Mestric
Jason Narvaez
Janet Rutkowski
Jose Santamaria
Titus Thomas
Julian Turovsky
Rob Vigo
Tsui Yuen-Pappas



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